Waterbox Aquariums Technology and Website Relaunch

Waterbox Aquariums Technology and  Website Relaunch

Waterbox Aquariums the leader in Rimless Glass Aquariums, announced the launch of their newly redesigned website, complete with cutting-edge technology, beautiful design work, and the showcasing of resources such as Waterbox Studios and enhanced help desk.

The release of the new website immediately precedes the launch of several new products from Waterbox Aquariums, including the new Cabinet Finishes for Cube, Marine AIO, Marine and Clear

"We're really excited about the new website," said President Richard Gilliland, "It does a great job telling the story of Waterbox and our Family of owners in a powerful way. It's been a big project, but one that we're proud of."

The website features a host of new technologies, as well as a robust amount of new and optimized customer experiences.

"Momentum is at an all-time high here at Waterbox," continued Gilliland.

"From the grand opening of Waterbox Aquariums United Kingdom, to the release of beautiful new cabinetry options customers have been asking for, to the launch of our new marketing and technology platform, we've never been better positioned to help our Family of Waterbox Dealers and Owners succeed."

As a business that's passionate about growing the Aquatics industry, Waterbox has worked hard to ensure its new site would be a platform to share and showcase the success the elegance and beauty of our Aquarium Systems.

The website is the first of many upcoming initiatives for Waterbox, including the release of a brand-new YouTube series highlighting the updated and enhanced FRAG series aquariums.

Since its inception in 2018, Waterbox Aquariums has grown to become one of the largest players in the Aquatics industry. Serving more than 27 countries, Waterbox is committed to helping aquarists achieve success through ease of use, education and conservation.


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