Ecotech Vectra Barb and Screen Kit

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Ecotech Vectra Barb and Screen Kit

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TheBarb & Screen Kit is designed to attach to yourVectra S2 Return Pump for use in submersed return applications.

The Barb allows use of vinyl, silicone or braided tubing when hard plumbing is not an option, and it slips easily into the output of the S2 pump. Please note it will still require PVC gluing.

The screen fitting increases the life expectancy of your pump by keeping livestock or large debris from entering your pump intake. Without a screen, you run the risk of harmful blockages that can cause damage to your impeller and more wear and tear to the pump. The screen fits into the inlet of the pump-- no gluing required.

Intake Barb Size: 1"
Output Barb Size: 3/4"

What`s Included:
  • 1x Intake Barb Fitting
  • 1x Output Barb Fitti