More Gallons, More Potential

The REEF LX total system volume begins at 189.9 gallons (719L) and goes up to 319.4 gallons (1209L).

Eurobrace with Lid

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30" Depth

Our REEF LX delivers a staggering 30 inches (750mm) of depth for the ultimate in aquascaping possibilities. 


Ready to Assemble Plumbing

Our engineers have designed the REEF LX with a ready to assemble plumbing kit that provides easy installation without any gluing required.

Precision Gate Valve

Maximizes your control of the flow to ensure whisper-quiet operation. 

Safety Drain

Keeps your aquarium flowing in the event of a main drain clog.

Check Valve

Preinstalled to prevent backflow and sump overflows. 

Dual Manifold System

Connects seamlessly with your desired filtration and reactors.

Sump System

Filtration for the Pros

Our REEF™ systems shine above the rest with our thoughtfully designed, sized and placed sump system which provides ample space for all filtration equipment.


Built For Strength & Stability

The Waterbox MARINESHIELD™ series is our most advanced line of cabinetry yet. It comes fully assembled from us to your doorstep.


Plywood Cabinetry

This cabinetry utilizes fully waterproof wood composite materials and comes fully assembled. Available in White or Black.


Control Center

Each Waterbox ALU cabinet includes a control center, strategically designed to accommodate all major controllers, drivers and dosers. The control center is flexible and can be installed on either side of the cabinet.


Technical Specifications

Coming Soon


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