Custom Aquariums

The most loved aquarium brand is now CUSTOM.

Waterbox Aquariums® custom aquariums are designed and manufactured by our team of professionals, with decades of experience in all areas of aquatics. We pride ourselves on making one of the highest quality aquariums in the world. 

• Nationwide Delivery Options
• 2 Year Standard Warranty 
• 0% APR Financing Available

Why Choose Custom?

Custom Dimensions

The #1 reason for choosing custom is size. The dimensions of your custom aquarium are completely up to you. We give you the ability to design your aquarium in a size you've always dreamed of.

Overflow Placement

The position of your overflow can make a huge difference when deciding how your want to design your aquarium. Choose from central, island, external or full-width style overflows.

Rimless or Euro Braced

Bracing provides extra durability on larger aquariums, but rimless provides a clean, modern asthetic. Choose from rimless, euro or regular bracing. 

Standard or Peninsula

Choose either standard or peninsula-style to best accommodate your space. The standard configuration is for placement against a wall, while a peninsula divides the room.


The Waterbox MARINESHIELD® series is our most advanced line of cabinetry yet. It comes fully assembled from us to your doorstep.

Sump System

Designed by our engineering to perfectly match the size and water volume of your aquarium.


Our team will design an optional plumbing kit designed specifically for your custom aquarium.

Trusted by Reef Keepers Worldwide

Being this is my second aquarium from Waterbox. There nothing much more to say about their aquariums. They're built very well, ultra clear, the stand is very sturdy. Just looks good overall.

Christopher O.


The Standard in Glass Aquariums

Low Iron Ultra Clear Glass

Our aquariums use only the finest ultra-clear low iron glass that provide up to 91% transmittance.

Clear or Black Silicone

We use world renowned German-made Wacker Silicone on all aquariums. This silicone provides maximum strength seams that last.

Master Technicians

Our technicians are the most well trained and experienced aquarium builders in our industry. Your aquarium is made by the best.

Short Lead Times

The average lead time for a Custom Waterbox Aquarium® is 90 days from deposit to delivery.

The Design and Production Process

Design Your Custom Waterbox

Complete our Custom Aquarium Estimate form.

Ready to start designing your Custom Waterbox?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, it is 90 days from the date of deposit to scheduling the delivery. This is just an estimate and the process could be quicker.

Yes we offer custom MarineShield® cabinetry.

Once you have accepted your quote we'll have our engineers render custom drawings for your approval. Once approved we will send the final contract and a 100% payment will be required to begin production.

We require a 100% non-refundable payment to start production.

We produce all aquariums overseas and transport them by ocean cargo to our fulfillment centers across the world. From there they will be delivered via freight truck to your desired location. 

We provide a 2-year limited warranty from the date of delivery. For more information please visit this link

Currently custom aquariums are only available in the USA & Canada on For other regions please visit our store/distributor locator.

Orders Under €2,000 ship for a flat rate of €375

Orders over €2,001 and up ship for free but must be 86" or less -

Aquariums over 86" long will be billed actual shipping costs and may require specialized delivery such as forklift on arrival.