About Us


The Waterbox Aquariums® vision is to create an educational experience around successful aquarium keeping. Our family of hobbyists is built around culture, sustainability, and enjoyment through our aquarium systems.

Our aquariums are designed with a simplicity and style that allows the customer to design their own unique ecosystem.

Waterbox Aquariums® is passionate about everything aquatic. We offer the most extensive and beautifully designed freshwater and saltwater aquarium systems on the market. 


Waterbox Aquariums™ have a “Reef Ready” approach to aquarium design. What Reef Ready means by definition is we provide 80% of the aquarium system. Each aquarium user is completely different, and wishes to keep different types of animals which all require different lighting and circulation.

By allowing our users to choose their equipment and not locking them into a specific brand, we give customers a “Reef Ready” system allowing them to create an environment that is 100% unique. Waterbox owners can re-imagine the future of Aquariums.


Waterbox Aquariums™ uses Starphire Ultra-Clear™ on all aquariums. The unique Starphire Ultra-Clear™ glass offers unmatched levels of brightness, color fidelity, clarity and visual excitement. Plus Waterbox uses Starphire Ultra-Clear™ on all panels creating our 5D Ultra Clear Aquarium Environment™.

Waterbox Aquariums™ is the only Aquarium manufacturer in the industry to utilize Water Etched glass overflow systems. This allows users to keep their aquarium 100% free of algae.


Waterbox Aquariums™ wants our customers to feel confident when ordering a glass aquarium of this nature, and we want the quality to be second to none. For this reason Waterbox Aquariums™ go through a rigorous water testing process to ensure all our aquariums are leak free.

First In-Class Cabinetry

Waterbox Aquariums™ Cabinets are made by a world renown cabinet maker. Each cabinet is UV coated for maximum water protection and includes a self-leveling system.